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My Spiritual Revelations And Other BS

Brother Bob

In "My Spiritual Revelations and other BS" I state that my key to life is to allow love. An older friend who read the book commented that allowing love was probably not appropriate for a man of his age. He also said that it wasn’t clear to him what exactly I was referring to when I said love.

I call reality love. It can only be confused with the emotion of love, which might be a good mental place to start a practice of allowing love. I have found that you don’t have to understand what love is to allow its effect on life and ultimately experience its reality.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic or any related BS. Click on the comments page and let us know what you think.

Brother Bob
10 Jun 2007 01:28


Love Your Book

Hi Bro' Bob. I am so excited about your book. What a great idea for you to come up with after all those years being like a father figure to all those Food For Thought employees and trying with all your heart to help each and everyone of them. You truely did spread a lot of love. And that in itself is Food For Thought.

10 Jun 2007 01:37


Hi Bobby

Hi, Bobby!

Miss You! LOVE YA,


31 Jul 2007 21:51


Hi! I'm Mark!

Hi, I'm Mark and I guess I'm introducing myself!!

I came across this site using 'stumble' (Firefox) and thought all the ideas floating around here seem really interesting! (Although I don't seem to agree with everything lol)

Well, that's me!

05 Aug 2007 19:30



Hi Markymark

Glad you stopped in to say a "hello".

I am the ADMIN person and I re-posted your comment to this page.

Originally you posted it to the wrong page and therefore it did not show up here with all the other comments. I'll keep an eye out for your next post and help you out if it posts to the wrong page again.


18 Aug 2007 21:25

Brother Bob

Hi! Mark

Reality is interesting isn't it? Disagreement is far more welcome than a pat on the back. It can bring out a better understanding of what is. a l l o w l o v e BB

19 Aug 2007 00:51



Hi, Bobby. Nice job on the book and the website.

I worked at Food from... oh, I think January 1991 or so, till about fall 1996. I was checking out the Black Cat website and saw the link and clicked over.

Hope all is well back in DC. I'm in NYC these days, doing well. I'm a political science professor now... go figure, eh? Please pass along my best to all the old Food comrades who might be around.

- Fred C.

27 Aug 2007 21:42

Brother Bob

hey Fred

So glad to hear you're doing well. Political science? it does sorta figure, fft was pretty political. Thanks for the positive comments. If you happen to have a picture of yourself that looks anything like the old fft days and would like to send it to Tiik@aol.com, she's going through her old fft pictures to post on the site and would love to pick out one of you to add.

allow love, Bobby

31 Aug 2007 19:50


Hello from Barbara

wow, i was reminiscing tonight and thot I'd do a search and found...more than I planned. Bobby, do you remember me? I'm a ffter from 1973ish to 1977 when I got pregnant and moved to Indiana. I have held you and FFT dear in my heart for all these years. Where's Robbie and Josh? I saw Jake and Gordan when I was out in '95. I think of you often, and hope you are well.

Love Barbara

01 Sep 2007 06:56

Brother Bob

Hi Barbara

Yes I remember you although I can't remember what job you did and faces seem to be a bit hazy in my memory. Your last name began with G didn't it? It's so nice to hear from someone from way back at the beginning of FFT. I'll try to post more pictures of the early days if I can find some good ones. I never heard from Joshua after he left FFT but since Robbie was my brother-in-law at that time I still have news of him. He lives with his wife in Sand Lake, NY and teaches high school history. His son just graduated from college. Jake is still living in the same apartment and working for Security Storage. Gordon works at Second Story Books near Dupont Circle.

a l l o w l o v e, Bobby

01 Sep 2007 23:57