In my book

"My Spiritual Revelations and other BS"

I state that my key to life is to allow Love.

An older friend who read the book commented that allowing Love was probably not appropriate for a man of his age. He also said that it wasn’t clear to him what exactly I was referring to, when I said Love.

I call reality Love. Using this word often confuses it with the emotion of love, which might be a good mental place to start a practice of allowing Love. I have found that you don’t have to understand what Love is to allow its effect on life and ultimately experience its reality.

I have little reverence for worldly ideas including my own as the book’s title hints at. That is not to say there can never be merit in ideas, but that nothing should be held so reverent that it is never questioned.

I am extremely fortunate in that the circumstances of my life have convinced me that Love is the only reality and the purpose of this book is one small attempt to extricate Love from the bull shit.

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Allow Love

I have now written another small book titled “Allow Love”. Unlike my first book, no autobiographical stories are included. It is simply a number of short thoughts about Love. Sometimes the thoughts are inspired by my experience and sometimes they pop out of nowhere. I often do not quite comprehend their full meaning but if it rings true I share it.

As Yogi Bernie writes in the introduction: “…our attempts to find and define love have become completely complex. Enter Bobby Ferrando whose embrace of love, you might agree after reading these pages, can make life simpler.”

 “Allow Love” has a page on Facebook where I post new thoughts about Love almost daily. Check it out and feel free to post a comment.

The first addition of the book is available as a free download at as well as in paperback for few bucks.

There is also a second addition with the first year of Facebook postings added. This is also available as a free download.